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How to Capitalize on Mobile Recruiting Techniques - Spark Hire

How to Capitalize on Mobile Recruiting Techniques - Spark HireIf youre like most people, your phone has become an extension of your body. You bring it everywhere with you, and may even feel naked without it. Because were becoming a phone-dependent culture, its no surprise that recruiting efforts have become increasingly phone-focused too. But is your mobile platform as appealing as it should be to potential employees? When youre working on your companys mobile recruiting efforts, keep these points in mindOptimize your site accordingly Many companies invest thousands of dollars in beautiful websites, but forget to take a peek at how these sites look on a mobile phone. They may be disappointed to notice that the site they worked so hard on doesnt look quite so appealing when its loaded on a cell phone. Unfortunately, this fact may lead to a poor user experience and may cause a person to quickly navigate away from your site. In order to optimize your mobile recruiting efforts, make sure that an individual can actually enjoy using your site on their phone.Promote mobile productivity People are much more transient than they used to be, and want their job to be able to go with them wherever they go. In order to appeal to both current and potential employees, youll want to ensure that your company becomes tech savvy. There are dozens upon dozens of productivity and work-related apps available in the iTunes store today, indicating that plenty of companies understand the importance of this work from anywhere mentality. In order to recruit the best talent, illustrate that you embrace technology and want new employees to feel flexible.Dont forget about social media Many companies know that sharing job postings via e-mail is important, however, they often forget about incorporating social media as they get the word out. Send out an e-mail blast, but also tweet out a mention about the job and post something on LinkedIn too. The people you want to hire are probably social me dia enthusiasts, so you need to get your business in places where you know theyre hanging out when they have free time.Though mobile recruiting may be a relatively new trend, its important that business professionals embrace it quickly in order to ensure that they continue to bring top-tier talent on board. If you ignore candidates who may be browsing your site on a smartphone or who use social media to find out about jobs, youll be missing out on a talented swimming-pool of applicants.How do you ensure that your companys mobile recruiting efforts are up to par? Let us know in the comments.

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Calculate the Value of Talent

Calculate the Value of TalentCalculate the Value of TalentCalculate the Value of TalentCompanies are as diverse as the people who run them, but all organizations benefit by taking a systematic approach to assessing employees and attracting top talent. And its important to maintain your talent pool at all times, regardless of economic ups and downs. Why? It always pays, quite literally, to have talented people on board.You may be thinking that I am going to recommend you do a forced ranking of your employees to weed out the low performers. In response, you may be saying that your companys culture wouldnt stand the test of a forced ranking. OK, I can live with this. However, you should understand the intrinsic differences between your top and average performers.Top performersProduce as much as 10 times more than the average worker, while they often require less than two times the pay.Generate most of the innovation and new ideas.Help others to improve their performance, because they se rve as mentors, trainers and role models.You may think that even though these findings seem true, it would be nearly impossible for you to figure out the value of your companys top talent versus its average talent. Think again. If you need a better business reason than my warning to identify and retain your top performers over all other performers, then try this simple value-differential exercise using some of the people from your team.Start by identifying several jobs with measurable results. Sales positions make for an easy starting point. Other easily measured jobs might be programmers (lines of code) or customer tafelgeschirr jobs. The goal is to compare the differences in output or results between those with average performance and those ranked as the best in each job category.Steps in Calculating the Top-Performer DifferentialHere is how it can be done, step-by-stepCalculate the output of average and top performers.Start with the output of the average performer (the average ou tput per employee).Look at the output of the very top performers or the average of the top 10 percent (the top-performer output).Calculate the top-performer increase factor.Start with the top-performer output per employee as the base.Divide into that number the output of the average performer (the small number into the bigger number). That is the top-performer increase factor.Calculate revenue per employee.Calculate the average revenue for an employee for these jobs (total divisional revenue for a year divided by the number of divisional employees).If that is not available, take the total revenue of the firm for a year and divide it by the number of employees.Calculate the revenue increase for top performers.Take the average revenue per employee and multiply it by the top-performer increase factor. That number is the revenue generated by the top performer.Calculate the value difference between top and average performer.Subtract the average revenue per employee from the revenue of th e top performer. The difference is the value added each year by hiring or retaining a top performer.Add additional jobs.Follow steps 1 through 5 for other measurable-output jobs. If the ratio (the percent difference) is close for most jobs and it usually is use that ratio for all jobs in the firm.An Example with NumbersThe average salesperson generates $250,000 per year, while your top salesperson generates $400,000. Divide 400,000 by 250,000, and you are provided with a top-performer increase factor of 1.6. Next, divide total revenues of your organization by the number of current employees, well say $100 million and 1,000 respectively, for this example. The result is an average revenue per employee of $100,000. Multiply this number by the top-performer increase factor, and you get the average contribution to revenues by top performers, $160,000 in this example. Subtract from this number the average revenue per employee of $100,000, and you see that on average, top performers cont ribute $60,000 more per year than average performers.

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What to Do When You Dont Know How to Answer a Job Interview Question

What to Do When You Dont Know How to Answer a Job Interview QuestionWhat to Do When You Dont Know How to Answer a Job Interview QuestionThe scenario sounds like something out of your worst job search nightmare. The hiring manager looks at you, poses a questionand you have no idea how to answer it.Obviously, though, youve got to say something. So take a deep breath to compose yourself and deliver some much-needed oxygen to the brain. Then, quickly assess why youre having difficulty with the question. The tips below can help you figure out your next move.What to Do When You Really Dont Know How to Answer a Job Interview QuestionAsk to have the question rephrased.When the question doesnt make sense to you, or is oddly worded, see if you can get the interviewer to rephrase it. Different language may shed greater light on what theyre asking and enable you to respond intelligently.As a candidate, its perfectly fine to clarify the question and much better than guessing what the interviewer is looking for, says Mikaela Kiner, CEO and founder ofuniquelyHR. Phrases like I want to make sure Im answering accurately. Would you mind repeating the question? or I think what youre asking is . . . . Is that correct? work well in this situation.Figure out what the interviewer really wants to know.Interviewers should be well aware that they arent supposed to ask inappropriate or illegal interview questions, such as about a candidates marital status or age, but sometimes ansicht issues do come up. Simply stating that youre not comfortable answering is one route to take hopefully, the person will realize they crossed the line and move on to a different subject. Another option is to figure out what the interviewer really wants to know and respond to that concern.Try to assume good intentions, Kiner says. For example, if an interviewer asks whether you take your kids to and from school, they probably want to know ifyou can work the hours required for the job. An answer like I understa nd the hours for this role are from 9-5, and Im completely available during those hours should work.Think of a positive spin.Candidates know that presenting themselves in the best possible light is crucial in an interview. It follows, then, that a question to which you know the truthful answer is less than stellar can cause panic.Lies have a way of coming back to haunt, so give an honest response- but quickly steer the conversation back to something positive. For instance, if asked Why did you leave your job at Company X? and the reason is that you were fired, try something like, I was let go, but I learned a lot from the experience. Ive really worked on improving my commitment to not missing deadlines by reading books on time management, breaking big projects into chunks, and constructing a daily to-do list that keeps me on track.As Kiner notes, Honesty and self-awareness go a long way in an interview. Nobody is perfect, and the best companies wont shy away from hiring someone who is humble enough to admit mistakes and demonstrates that they have learned from those mistakes.Know someone looking for a job? Refer a friend to with this link- youll get a month free service and theyll get 30% off

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Wearable Robot Helps Children Walk

Wearable Robot Helps Children Walk Wearable Robot Helps Children Walk Wearable Robot Helps Children WalkResearchers from the University of Toronto have created a wearable robot that gives wheelchair-bound children the ability to walk. The Trexo, as they call it, looks like a sleek, custom-made walker, with a few robotic joints. Those joints help children, who would otherwise never take a stride on their own, put one foot in front of the other.Founders Manmeet Maggu, Trexo Robotics CEO, and Rahul Udasi, the companys CTO, came up with the idea as students and eventually started their own business to design, manufacture and market their robot walker. Bringing the Trexo from student vision to marketable medical device has been a long process. Rahul Udasi (l) and Manmeet Maggu found that designing the Trexo was easier than bringing it to market. Image Trexo RoboticsThe two robotics engineers honigwein while studying mechatronicsat the University of Waterloo. In 2011, Maggu learned his four-month-old nephew had cerebral palsy and would likely never walk.That was a turning point, he says. We started looking into it and realized that being in a wheel chair for your entire life can have some negative consequences. Those can include blood clots, muscle degeneration, and kidney failure. We wanted to help my nephew get out of the wheelchair.A robotic device to help kids do that had already been invented. The only problem was that there were only two in Canada, and they cost $500,000. Its not really accessible to fruchtwein families out there, including mine, Maggu says. So he set out to fix that.The pair decided to go back to school to develop a prototype of the kind of walker they had in mind. They both matriculated at the University of Toronto, where Udasi went for a masters degree in the robotics department while Maggu pursued an MBA. The university has many accelerators to help students create startups while in school. Maggu and Udasi were able to win gr ants and prizesfirst prize from the universitys Entrepreneurship Hatchery, first prize from the Help Edge competition, and a grant from the Ontario Brain instituteto the tune of $80,000.With these funds they were able to complete their first prototype. They took it straight to India so that Maggus nephew, now eight, could give it a try.When he got in it he gave a smile, and I knew he was enjoying it. Manmeet Maggu, Trexo Robotics CEOThey started him off with an air gait where he could practice moving his legs with the robot suspended above the ground. Over several sessions he learned enough to traverse the room. The boys parents were absolutely thrilled.Want to advance your engineering career? These 12 skills will help you do it.But there was much work to be done. The actuation system on the first prototype was fairly basic, among other issues. There was a lot we had to rethink, Maggu says.First there was the issue of size. Would they have a different walker for different age groups ? Would it be able to adjust over time? Could they get the necessary power in a compact design? Then there was the issue of software and control, which was difficult because, as Maggu puts it simply, Different children have different difficulties.More crucial than any of that was the issue of comfort.It cannot be stressed enough how important it is, says Maggu. Using a device for 30 minutesor an hour or twothe smallest discomfort can really amplify. You could build the most amazing technology, but if it isnt comfortable and usable, it will not work. One by one, the pair knocked out these problems. They created two sizes of the Trexo, one for three- to six-year-olds, and another for six- to twelve-year-olds. Both have telescoping legs and adjustable waist and arms supports so the walkers can grow with the children. They worked with an ergonomics expert to create removable padding shaped to meet the comfort needs of children of different sizes and with different challenges. They strea mlined the walker to make sure it would fit any place deemed wheelchair accessible. They powered the walker with a battery and further developed the software and control system to better detect a childs intent.The result is a robot that looks like a walker for the elderly with two dangling legs between the handles. Those legs have actuators at the hips and knees (the ankles remain passive). Straps and cushions abound.Having made their walker a useable reality, they had to make it a commercial reality. The duo joined Techstars, one of many programs that help young entrepreneurs, which helped them define their business model, taught them how to build their business, and connected them with investors. That definitely helped us tremendously, Maggu says. The company was nominated for the Best New Startup award in the Canadian Innovation Awards.The Trexo has now been approved by Health Canada, and the company is getting ready to go commercial. But they need to fine-tune the software and r un a few more tests before they hit the market. The two are also working with the Cincinnati Childrens hospital to create a pilot study. Theyll also be trying to get the walker approved by the Federal Drug Administration.A lot of work and thought has to go into that as well, Maggu says. Building the device is easier.Michael Abrams is an independent writer.More inspiring stories from the wide world of engineeringSpeeding Up 3D Printing by a LotWaste Heat Recovery Revolutionizes dieselmotor Engines For Further Discussion

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Benefits of Attending a Job Fair

Benefits of Attending a Job Fair Benefits of Attending a Job Fair However, job seekers should be encouraged to avail every opportunity to get out there and meet prospective employers. Many companies invest in setting up stalls at job and industry expos in a bid to attract and acquire talent. For instance, in June, more than 750 wounded veterans visited the 2012 Hiring Heroes Career Fair designed to help ex-military men and women find suitable civilian jobs. There are a number of other career fairs being organized across the country for those interested in announcing their availability to recruiters and employers.The biggest advantage you might derive from such a visit, even if it does not convert into an instant employment offer, is networking with employers and HR managers. Many companies may not have an instant opening for you but if you make an impression worth remembering, they might call you when a suitable vacancy does appear.In addition you can always benefit from free works hops and tutorials that are usually offered by participating companies at such fairs. Many HR professionals will also offer career counseling free of charge if they have the time to sit down and talk to you. This will also be an invaluable opportunity to have your rsum reviewed by industry insiders.Thanks to the internet, you can also visit many virtual career fairs today from the comfort of your living room. The Civilian Corps of the United States Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) had a virtual fair from June 11 to 15 where civilian healthcare professionals explored international opportunities with the U.S. Armys Educational and Development Interventions Services (EDIS).If youre a professional in the trucking and transportation industries, you might be interested in webinars being offered by Trincon on various pervasive issues pertaining to the trucking industry including driver recruitment, ever-mounting operational costs and employee retention.There are hundreds of other free and cos t-effective webinars being run around the world every day and regardless of your professional associations and interests, you can find one that suits your needs.Although there are mixed commentaries from various quarters about the present state of the job market, theres no dearth of businesses looking for talent today. In other words, dont be deterred by any and all negative factors and remain optimistic

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17 Foolproof Tips That Will Help You Negotiate a Pay Rise

17 Foolproof Tips That Will Help You Negotiate a Pay Rise17 Foolproof Tips That Will Help You Negotiate a Pay RiseWant to negotiate a pay rise? We understand if youre being hesitant about it. Salary negotiations areamong everybodys least favourite things to do. According to, 56% of people have never asked for a raise, and 49% of new employees accept the first offer theyre given without any negotiation.Not many feel confident talking to their babo. But in fact, it has never been easier than now. So if you feel ready, you better take all the courage you have and step up for what you want.In any case, its good to plan ahead before entering the office. To be successful, you need to consider all the aspects of salary negotiations - from how much you should ask for to the most suitable time to make your request.1. Be clear and straightforwardFirst, dont waffle. Be straightforward, dontbeat around the bush. If you want to discuss a pay rise, you need to be direct and say so explicitlyId like to discuss updating my salary to reflect my new skills and the value I bring to the team.Its best to make an appointment with a clear objective. Send a meeting invite or an emaille along the lines of Im hoping we can sit down, and Id like to make the case to you for revisiting my salary. 2. No pressureAvoid making any ultimatums. They simply dont workI need to get a pay rise by April 20th, or else Ill quit.Trying to put your employer under pressure is just like a kamikaze attack. And if you want to survive, you need to change your tactics.See the negotiations as a collaborative process instead. Keep your employer on board. Reaffirm your commitment to the company and show that youre fond of your work. After all, its a unique opportunity to create a compensation package that makes sense for both you and for them. And the belastung thing youd want is to miss it, right?3. Dont get too personalDont complain. Negative language and whining does more harm than good. You need to state the facts and use objective arguments to reach your goals.Also, avoid using personal circumstances as a reason why you are asking for a raise. Point to your personal success and outstanding performance insteadIve led two highly successful projects and my responsibilities have doubled.4. Timing is everythingGood timing can determine whether or not youre rewarded. Salary upticks are generally granted only once a year and the negotiations need to take place before that happens.However,the timing willalso depend on the mood of the economy and the demand for employees in your industry. Highly competitive fields like finance and tech are particularly raise-friendly. Overall, there are only two instances when you can get away with a more frequent paycheck bumpYoure an outstanding performer and can make a strong case for why you deserve a raise sooner rather than later.You work in a competitive industry like tech with the urgent need for quality employees.5. Have reasonable e xpectationsBefore you decide how much of a raise to request, do some homework. If your company grants employees an annual raise, youll probably be aware of the approximate budget. For yearly upticks, companies usually budget 5% or less. Requesting an unreasonable increase can seem berheblich and inappropriate, but trying to push the limits by 1-2% might work, especially if you really excelled over the year.6. Do your research to know your valueDo you already know how much additional income youd like to ask for? It might be helpful to look around and discover how much your colleagues earn to place a reasonable requestI found that the average market rate for customer service specialists in our area is 12% higher than what Im making.If that fails, sites like Glassdoor, Linkedin Salary and PayScale are a good starting point. Theyll help you figure out what employers are paying people who have similar credentials to yours.These websites provide a good baseline for the salary range in you r industry within your geographic area. But dont be limited by what you see there. If you feel youre worth more, nothing should stop you from asking for more.7. Ask your colleagues for supportSomething we often forget is that companies and organizations are teams. Your value as an individual is important, but your value in the team is equally as vital. If your colleagues enjoy working with you, its a great asset for the company and something every boss should realize. But to score the raise you deserve, you need to ask them to back you up.Making senior colleagues vouch for your work will go a long way in any salary negotiations. Find a few trusted voices in your workplace that know your value and would willingly speak on your behalf.8. Use clear argumentsHeres the trick. Keep a file of notes tokeep track of your accomplishments throughout the year. Jot down all the praise youve received, difficult task that you tackled like a pro and new projects youve taken on.When it comes to the negotiations,youllhave all the arguments ready up your sleeve. Theres probably a lot you did that your boss had no clue about. Toot your own horn. Make it clear youre performing above expectationsAs the last 3 quarterly reviews show, Ive been consistently performing at a high level over past 9 months.Use clear examples to demonstrate how youve gone beyond your basic job description. These might includeRevenue you earned Money you saved Customer satisfaction you achieved Tight deadlines you met or beat Solutions you implemented Products or services you improved Initiative you demonstrated Extra hours you worked without overtime pay9. Convince your managerRemember that this is a business meeting and your goal is to convince your boss that you are worth a higher salary. Ask yourself following questions that can help you formulate clear arguments why you deserve a raiseHave all your colleagues in similar roles recently had a pay increase?When was the last time you had one? Was it more t han two years ago? Has your output, profitability or job specification increased or grown?10. Use some numbersNumbers talk. They can back up your arguments and help you succeed. Come to the negotiations with specific contributions. Note down anything you can quantify, for exampleReduced expenditures by 25%Increased revenue by 40%Increased employee retention by 10%11. Tame your bodyMany people are unaware of that, but we give out hundreds of signals via our body when we speak. We voice our emotions subconsciously through things like gestures, posture or facial expressions. What you definitely dont want to do during the negotiations is to appear nervous or tentative. Your boss doesnt need to be a psychologist to pick up your subconscious signals. Your body can give away more than youd like. Its easy for anyone to see when someone is being defensive, angry or even when they are bluffing. To keep calm and remain convincing at the saatkorn time, speak slowly and hold relaxed eye contact. This approach will pay off in any situation where you need to make a killer first impression- such as your next date or upcoming job interview.12. Call out or waitOnce youre ready to talk numbers, use one of these two techniques anthroponym a specific sum yourselfwait for your managers suggestionTrue, there might be some advantage to the latter. In the best-case scenario, the manager might come back with a higher figure than youd expected. But youre also risking that the offer can be lower that youd hoped. If that happens, tell your boss frankly what you were hoping for and suggest a compromise.13. Wait for a responseAfter youve made your case and laid your cards in the table, give your manager a chance to respond. Silence and open questions are great tools to show your respect during the negotiations.Avoid strong assertions and confrontation with your employer. Ask for advice and opinion insteadIve been thinking about my increasing workload and how that might be reflected in my pa y. What do you think?14. Be willing to negotiateA pay rise is not the only thing thats worth negotiating. If your manager refuses to reward you for your hard work financially, identify things like extra vacation or more flexibility that you could ask for instead.Establish priorities and think about benefits youre willing to trade off for an increased payroll.What about getting to work from home at least once per week or having five additional vacation days a year? If none of this works, the least your manager can do is cover your gym membership15. Be ready for a noWell, rejection is hard to hear, but dont get frustrated. Prepare for it and reply with something along the lines of What would it take for me to earn a raise in the future?If the manager avoids to give you a reasonable answer, it might as well mean that it will never happen. Which, in turn, might be a good reason to start looking for a new job. Hooray16. Follow up with an email Make sure that whatever you agree on needs t o be put in writing. If the manager tells you to ask again in a half years time, make a note in a follow-up emailThank you for the meeting and your thoughts- you suggested that I should ask again about salary in six months time, and thats really helpful.The email gives you a paper trail, at least. And thats something that might help you a lot when youll be opening up your salary negotiations in future.17. Show respectWhen it comes to business, manners often make the difference between succeeding and failure. During the negotiations, maintain your professionalism by showing respect and expressing gratitude towards the person youre talking to Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me todayGo one step further - stay polite even if you didnt achieve what you hoped for. Managers are much more willing to listen and consent to employees that show them respect. And you never know when youll need to talk to the exact same person again.Take a deep breath and negotiate a pay rise wit h confidenceTherere not many things in our lives we enjoy less than asking for a pay rise. Its one of the long-neglected business skills we need to brush up to rediscover its power.Use our 17 tips to think about the points that can be particularly useful in convincing your boss. Good preparation will help you navigate through the discussion and get the raise you want. Settinga clear objective and strategyfor the salary negotiations is the only way that can help you succeed. Nobody will hand you more money just because you think youre awesome. Because if you want something, you simply need to go get it yourself.Ready to change jobs? Try our resume builder and get it done in a few minutesShare Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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What You Must Know About Digital Marketing Resume and Why

What You Must Know About Digital absatzwirtschaft Resume and Why The New Fuss About Digital Marketing Resume Try to remember, recruiters are always able to study your LinkedIn profile for the complete story. With each industry measuring you on unique scales, job seekers want to know just where to be, at the proper time. Especially, marketing persons know well about it, since they deal with a range of people daily. Digital Marketing Resume at a Glance Building your digital footprint is going to have a lot of time and energy. For those who have years in the area, be certain to center on accolades and awards in case you have them. As an example, your resume will instantly be strengthened if youre able to demonstrate that youve got professional certifications in the area, and awards demonstrate that you have excelled in your favorite profession. Remember any certificates you could have or any personal awards you could have received. Finally, if youre presently employed in a j ob which isnt directly about the area of marketing, review your reach of work and list down tasks that are very similar to what marketing managers do. Marketing is among the most diverse professional industries in existence and many companies rarely just seek the services of a marketer. Product managers play a major function in promoting products. Hiring managers in the advertising area will wish to be informed about your achievements and successes with your marketing and advertising campaigns. The main aim of the team is to make a creative, effective, and practical digital advertising and marketing solution. As a person whos in the sphere of digital marketing, you might feel tempted to make your resume flashy and experimental, and it might pay off. The capability to work across teams, including collaborating with different teams (such as schlussverkauf or engineering) to bring a product to market is important and ought to be emphasized. If you would like to apply in a digital marketing and advertising post, you ought to be tech savvy and you be know a great deal of things about modern-day technology as it is where you are going to be mostly working at should you get hired by a corporation. Expressing your vast array of marketing skills ought to be down throughout your resume. Or perhaps its that youve got extensive expertise in content marketing together with exceptional analytical abilities. Youve got a unique blend of skills, characteristics and experiences which make you different from every marketer looking for employment. If youre an ambitious marketer prepared to brand yourself as a growth hacker, technical skills are vital. In addition, you can find out more about marketing careers on Monster. Email marketing isnt new, but its still one of the best methods to market products and solutions. Think of the social networking marketing resume examples above. Marketing in the 21st century demands intimate understanding of social networking platfor ms. Our resume builder provides you with tips and examples about how to compose your resume summary. Go on the internet and look at various job-search websites, together with DAN Job Board for digital agency jobs and hunt for digital advertising jobs out there in your area unless youre prepared to relocate, and youre able to widen your search area. If you believe you have what it requires to be a digital advertising officer, you can use our Resume Templates for your reference. Be sure your keywords are related to your particular application. Show hiring managers that youre prepared and eager to undertake the duty of managing an advertising project by emphasizing relevant points about your background and techniques. If youre asking for a marketing manager position, you will want to possess strong leadership abilities. You are unable to learn experience however, you can learn skills. For example, if youre applying for jobs within the sphere of digital marketing, you will need to make sure your resume highlights the skills required for the job which you want. The primary aim of an expert summary is to produce your most important abilities and experiences immediately noticeable to hiring managers. Possessing a brief statement or overview at the abflug of your resume is a good way to demonstrate your abilities and experience and show the hiring manager the value which you will bring to the position. To put it differently, you desire your professional overview to contain all the most exciting pieces of your resume. Use a resume summary when you have a lot of expertise and techniques.